Sensobi is your phone's social address book gone more awesome!

The app has integrated ranking and alert technology that helps keep you on top of important personal and professional relationships. Sensobi is particularly perfect for any enterprise professional who needs to keep himself updated and reminded about important information and appointments.

It is a very versatile address book. Like all phone books, it lists down all the calls you've received and made, the names and numbers, in descending order, from newest to oldest. However, it does more than record your history details. How?

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  • Calls are sorted and contacts are analyzed or ranked based on who it has been you have been communicating with most frequently. This not only makes it easier for you to simply go to your phoneboook and dial immediately, but reminds you what it was that you last talked about.
  • With Sensobi, it is possible to track past communications with any particular contact.
  • Changes done to your address book (add, edit, or delete) are reflected for your possible review.
  • Your contacts are in your desktop? No problem. Sensobi can easily pick them up if you sync your phone up with the desktop.
  • Sensobi allows you to record notes, set up and follow up reminders directly on your phone's calendar, and manage your emails.

These are all possible due to improved memory and light-weight analytics. Sensobi is your ultimate contact manager application.

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